Common Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid and Hire a Productive Candidate

Common Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid and Hire a Productive Candidate

Recruiting a new employee is not a simple task. It is time-consuming and expensive. It is essential to empower your recruiting team with HR technology. Applicant tracking system [ATS] is user-friendly and unbiased. Automating the labor-intensive recruiting process and choosing the best candidate based on smart algorithms and smart data.

According to a study, replacement costs approximately 20% of the leaving or fired employee’s salary. If your business has a large staff turnover then this can turn out to be extremely costly. Recrout is SaaS that offers HR tools to predict best hire. 

The ATS solutions are integrated with an assessment system that helps to avoid costly mismatches as the outdated CV piles are eliminated. The match is based on confirmed data and a shrewd algorithm. Employers or HR will just need to handle the interview process. 

Some common recruiting mistakes to avoid

There is no golden rule for successful recruitment. However, if you are aware of the potential problems and pitfalls it can be helpful to avoid or handle them as they arise.

Job description issue

Your job description is not accurate and so does not attract a competent candidate. A good job description includes the roles and responsibilities in detail. It has to be accurate and honest. Never try to oversell position because if the lead applicants believe that he/she will gain more opportunities, where there is not then they may feel disappointed and leave. 

Oops! Common Interview Mistakes Candidates Make

Making biased decisions [unconsciously]

Recruitment decision depends on the HR or the employer and has to be unbiased. You may unconsciously discriminate against specific candidates and feel inclined towards people who share your age, gender, social class, background, and ethnicity. Accepting candidates heedless of any such characteristics offers you a large talent pool to consider, enhancing the chances to hire the best candidate for the post. 

Choosing a less qualified candidate

Some managers fear recruiting a candidate with more IQ than theirs as they feel it to be a risk to their position. Smart leaders are well aware that hiring talented staff can strengthen the team with their unique perception. Hiring candidates better than you helps to make business progress and you gain a chance to sharpen your skills. 

Waiting for an ideal candidate

You have an image of a perfect employee and are waiting, but this can jeopardize the productivity of your team as you are keeping them understaffed for long. The members of the team have to handle the extra workload and this can influence their determination. 

Rather than waiting for a perfect employee, choose a candidate that checks most of the required boxes. They can learn job-specific skills the moment they start working on the project.

Rushing a hire

Not recruiting staff for long and making haste to hire someone is bad. Take some time; interview a couple of times because you do not need to end up repeating the entire recruitment process. It is best to reduce the outdated CVs from the database using the Recrout SaaS program. You can connect with them on Facebook and see how it has been helping other businesses.