Key Activities And Business Models 

When it comes to business model canvas, various things need to be looked into so that they could profit from what you’re organizing and bring about profits to your firm. The activities involved with this model include operations, marketing, production, problem-solving, and administration. 

You need to know that your various activities will change according to your work type. An example of this is if you are a web developer, user interface design and coding will be the main thing you should look into. For your business canvas, you first have to identify the type of firm you are working with and the type of activities it is involved in for you to know how to tackle the challenges you are facing. 

There are five channel phases you have to look into when dealing with your business model canvas, and they include;

  1. Awareness – as a business owner, you need to ask yourself important questions like creating awareness? Know the activities you will partake in to make the world know about your business either through advertisement or shows.
  2. Evaluate – you need to ask yourself questions like how can I make it possible for a prospect to evaluate your offer before payment? And will a 30-day try before you pay option?
  3. Purchase – how can you change how a customer makes purchases? Will an activity such as using artificial intelligence and cameras help you with this or not?
  4. Deliver- how can you make the way you relieve your products and services unique? Will things like offering transport for delivery and pick up points help your organization or not?
  5. Customer support – how can you change how your customer reacts after purchasing an order? You can ask yourself if the mode of communication is essential? 

The Customer Relationship 

Changing your employees is another way you can improve your organization. If you have employees who communicate rudely to customers, they should be fired or taught communication skills before they chase away your clients. 

Though In shops like computer shops they require Intelligent people to handle the computers. Even if this is important, they need to have good communication skills to know the customer’s needs. Other organizations have an app online where you can communicate with client’s on any issues they have or when delivery has to be done.

An organization like dell cares for its client’s, and it makes sure clients have the best deals that require. This makes sure your clients trust you enough with your commodities and services. They also provide you with the total of all products you have to know what you will be purchasing from them.


When you have an organization, you need to have a proper means that activities must be carried out, whether dealing with delivery or communication. It would help if you were ready to deal with such things when you want your organization to thrive well. Look into the information above, and it will assist you better with your business model canvas.