Understanding the Role of Research and Development in the Software Innovation Process

Software development needs to go through multiple processes. A software company has its approach in the development process to ensure that enough success is attained in the future. While developing software, a company needs to keep in mind three aspects: innovation, quality, and technology. These aspects need to be addressed all within a timeframe, with valuable expertise, and with the permissible costs.

So, when it comes to the software innovation process, the new product always needs to be developed by looking at the existing market gaps or future needs. The needs must be communicated well into the market and they should match the vision of the company. Therefore, there’s a strong connection between R&D when building software. However, many think that a product development procedure is very much similar to research & development. 

So, here we will be differentiating it for you.

  • R&D is mostly described as experimenting with new and innovative ideas and technologies that might not be a product. Software development is working on a very specific product that is either a demand of the client or the market.
  • R&D is all about the development of new solutions for any particular social problem and the result cannot be predicted so well. Software development is all about the development of a product that resolves any particular problem. The result should resolve the issue without fail.
  • R&D has a primary aim of providing the research results whereas software development is more inclined towards providing a working software model to cater to various needs.
  • R&D will be managing the process of software development for many various-sized companies. They will be taking on different elements like the company size, the customer base, their specific needs, and others. Software development on the other hand will be targeted to a very specific company or business and it will just be based on the current requirement.
  • There is no predetermined deadline for the process of R&D. One product development might take years. The software development process works on a strict deadline though. They have time frames that are prefixed and the software needs to be designed, developed, and delivered on time.

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