Using Gps navigation Auto Tracker Technology

If you’re a fleet manager for any corporation or a small company that which has delivery or service vehicles on the highway every day then Gps navigation Auto tracker technology applied properly could save you money every single day. Ever question why one vehicle has almost two times the miles and maintenance costs from the average vehicle inside your fleet? What about a specific delivery route whose driver takes longer and it has more worker overtime than it most likely should. In every situation these the situation is squandering your money when it comes to fuel efficiency, overtime and maintenance costs. So how do i better manage my transportation costs?

The solution to the questions you have will come by using Gps navigation auto tracker technology. Essentially there’s two kinds of Gps navigation tracking technology currently available. The first is generally referred to as passive or logger and contains existed a long. Passive tracking units are put in or on the vehicle and because the vehicle travels on its route the details are logged around the unit. It essentially works similar to the Gps navigation satnav systems which are very popular using the public nowadays. However unlike your cars navigation system Gps navigation tracking units, Logger Gps navigation devices record the data onto an information base. To gain access to the data the system should be retrieved in the vehicle and downloaded to some computer for viewing. Logging units are relatively affordable are available in really small sizes that are simple to hide. They perform a excellent job of suggesting wherever your vehicles happen to be, their speed and stopped time. The issues would be that the details are not instantly and you’ve got to assign anyone to collect the units and download the information then return the units for their assigned vehicles. Around the positive side you have complete control and use of your tracking information.

Real-time Gps navigation tracker technology is a superb option to logging systems. Just like the name implies the data found here is relative” live” and could be view because the vehicles travel on their own routes. If you’re a fleet manager it has significant advantages. Real-time Gps navigation units use existing mobile phone technology to upload the information in the vehicles tracking device to some Gps navigation auto tracking company. The company then transmits the present information for your office to become viewed on the computer. With respect to the plan you’ve enrolled in submitted information is updated at different time times. Essentially the greater frequent the data the greater pricey the service. Companies with delivery services which do pickups frequently request tracking information to become updated every a few minutes while fleet managers that manage mix country transport just have tracking information every half an hour.

As an entrepreneur or fleet manager you are able to rapidly begin to see the advantages somewhere. Recall the vehicle which had expense and maintenance, well the motive force was while using truck for their own after hrs business. The path driver which was taking a lot time for you to complete his route and it was accumulating plenty of with time was spending his afternoons parked at his house. These kinds of problems although rare may cost business a lot of money more than a year. Additional advantages come by means of dispatch efficiency. The dispatcher includes a map with their laptop using the location of each and every company vehicle. If your pickup of the part or customer return pickup must be made, a fast consider the map will explain what vehicle can best result in the stop. It won’t take lengthy for that data to let you know how you can better setup your everyday delivery routes in order to save fuel and time.