What to Look for in WordPress Website Maintenance Plan?

Website maintenance is the process of checking the website regularly to ensure everything is relevant and updated. Consistency is crucial because with better performance and proper security your SEO ranking stays on top. A website is a marketing tool, where brands engage and interact with target customers, so its performance has to be top-notch. 

Set My Site offers monthly WordPress wordpress maintenance packages like Sitecare, Webmaster, and Advanced. There is no need to sign a contract, so you can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied. 

Key services to look for in the WP website maintenance plan

Regular updates

The first pillar of a great maintenance plan is to keep WordPress core and the plugins updated. An updated website means new features, bug fixes, addressing security vulnerabilities, and enhanced performance. 

A weekly update is recommended rather than a month. Working with WP experts is wise because they know when to upgrade to the latest version safely. Usually, they wait for a couple of days after an update is published to ensure there are no complains and it works as designed. 

Speed optimization

Speed is a crucial algorithm in determining the position on the search engine result page. A sluggish or slow site is not prioritized by Google. 

WP professionals have tools to evaluate your webpage loading speed and if necessary make the adjustments to improve. The attention span of the current user is a few seconds or they will bounce to your competitor’s website. 

Security from cybercrime

The threats from viruses, ransomware, hackers, etc. are omnipresent on the internet. You need to be proactive and choose a comprehensive maintenance package. It ensures your website is monitored actively for malware and viruses. 

Customers feel safe on your website, especially if you have an eCommerce store because they know their sensitive details will not be compromised. 


Comprehensive website backup regularly is crucial. You need to stay prepared in case of hardware failure, website crash, or natural calamities. Data can get lost or go missing, which can compromise your business. With comprehensive backup regularly, you can recover and start running quickly with no concerns about data loss. 

Keeping the customer website running with as less downtime as possible is the core objective of WP maintenance. If your website is data-driven then the daily backup is crucial. 

Leverage themes and templates

Many WP websites are based on a theme because it makes website creating from scratch easy with consistent design. Even non-tech savvy people can design their websites with quality WP templates. These themes are easy to use, convenient, and have rich features. 

As your website grows and expands, the theme will need consistent care. The experts at the website management agency will regularly evaluate your website to ensure the theme still serves its purpose. 

If necessary they will switch to a new theme. Your theme will regularly stay updated, which ensures compatibility with latest WP version, bug fixes, and resolve patch security issues. 

A solid website maintenance plan ensures your website exists to its fullest potential!