Women Need to Counter Barriers to Scale Heights in AI Fields

Women Need to Counter Barriers to Scale Heights in AI Fields

The progress of computer technology due to the industrial revolution has cast a deep impact on our lives over the past few years. We see a drastic change in computer technology. However, an important part of this change in the field of computer technology is being determined by artificial intelligence [AI]. In the coming decade, artificial intelligence is going to rule computer technology. We find artificial intelligence ruling over insignificant fields on one side to major fields on the other side. Robots are fast replacing human job positions.

But unfortunately, the fast-paced AI industries have their setbacks, as there is a very disproportionate representation of women in this revolutionary technological field. Half of the entire US workforce consists of women. However, the artificial intelligence industry is represented less than 25% of women in comparison to their male counterparts. This is against the rule of diversity and inclusion.

Need for women’s empowerment in AI

It is very important to understand the need for women’s empowerment in artificial intelligence. It is needed because this ever-changing industry has to be diverse and inclusive with equal representation of women folk. There is no denying the fact that artificial intelligence diversity and inclusion matter a lot. Research has proved that diversity in gender, especially in leadership positions, helps to yield greater productivity and profitability in almost all industries. Despite all these, there is a deep-rooted bias when it comes to providing employment and job positions to women in the field of artificial intelligence.

Gender diversity in artificial intelligence fields

It is quite understandable how gender diversity is important. So, the question is, what are the important ways to improve gender diversity in AI? Well, according to experts, gender diversity in various fields of artificial intelligence can be promoted with the help of some basic rules, which include:

Proper mentorship for AI female

Proper mentorship is extremely critical for women who have started shaping their careers in AI. Earlier, mentorship to women was provided by academia or associations outside the organizations. However, an organization-based mentorship can help the AI women aspirants set their expectations and overcome their hurdles.

Showcasing female pioneers

Motivation is the key when it comes to entering an AI career. In this respect, women AI aspirants can be motivated if they are shown famous female scientists or female leaders belonging to the field of artificial intelligence. In this regard, it is also important to counter the cultural stereotypes which pose as a hindrance to women’s success.

Creating equal AI opportunities

Most of the setbacks in terms of women’s employment in the field of AI take place due to indirect biases in job organizations. These biases serve as a hurdle for women who are restricted from top positions in the field of AI. Apart from it, there is great ambiguity in identifying and determining the specific industries and particular roles in which women can be employed in the AI fields.

Therefore, it is high time industries recognize artificial intelligence diversity and inclusion and make their hiring policies bias-free. AI companies can get a greater inclusive work culture only when the barriers that the womenfolk face are broken.