How your Product can be Enhanced with Radar Applications?

How your Product can be Enhanced with Radar Applications?

While radar was initially created in response to the increasing military needs of a world in conflict, the technology and philosophy have applications beyond military and aviation. Radar has reached and revolutionized a wide range of industries and products.

Radar’s operating principle depends on emitting radio waves and measuring the time it takes for these waves to bounce off objects and return. Complex mathematical analysis can help understand where objects are. Radar has also seen evolution in the form of LiDAR, which uses lasers instead of radio waves. 

Here are some of the product categories that can be further enhanced with Orthogone radar applications

  • Industrial Automation

Radar within an industrial setting can further speed up what is already an efficient system. Radar sensors’ accuracy in measuring distances, speeds, and angles makes them extremely powerful in controlling and automating robotic arms. Further applications in monitoring inventory can revolutionize how we see the typical warehouse or manufacturing plant. Radar technology in industrial applications can increase precision and efficiency, ultimately reducing costs and improving productivity.

  • Healthcare and Vital Sign Monitoring

Healthcare and medicine have always been open to new technologies and their potential to redefine the medical process, from difficult diagnoses to complex surgeries. Radar, in this sense, allows comfort to the patients due to its non-invasive vital sign monitoring potential. Heart rate, respiration rate and even falls can be detected with a wearable radar device, common in modern multi-function smart-watches. The potential of continuous yet unobtrusive monitoring helps both patient and doctor to be at ease. 

  • Home Security

An important day-to-day application, radar technology is also revolutionizing home security systems. Traditional motion sensors can be prone to false alarms caused by pets or moving shadows. Radar-based sensors, on the other hand, provide more accurate detection by distinguishing between different types of movement. A radar-based device can also function effectively in the dark, providing round-the-clock security and protection. This technology ensures that your home security device delivers reliable results, reducing false alarms and increasing peace of mind for homeowners.

Radar breaking free of its traditional domain bodes well for the entire technological landscape and the innovative minds powering it. With a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team, already established tech can find its way into a novel, never previously considered approach.  Today, utilizing radar can help set a product apart in a competitive market, attracting and retaining valuable customers.