What are the different aspects associated with printed circuit boards?

What are the different aspects associated with printed circuit boards?

The printed circuit boards are fairly mainstream as they are widely used in various electronic products, devices, and similar applications. Some of the common industries and domains in which the printed circuit boards are utilized includes medical, military, aerospace, commercial, and industrial fields. There are a wide range of PCB manufacturing products that are produced by different manufacturers and companies in the market. The PCB can have different number of layers depending on the application type and other parameters that have been provided to the designers. 

A thorough guide to the PCB manufacturing

Most of the custom PCBs have different layers and follow the schematic provided by the customers. The custom printed circuit boards are usually designed using a software known as CAD for the computer aided design. The designer makes use of this software for placing the circuits as well as connection points, known as vias, across the entire board. The software understands how the different components tend to interact with each other, and it also understands, if there are any specific requirements associated with the design, and how they are soldered to the printed circuit boards.

When the designing is done, the software will export two critical components which are used for building the boards. One of the components is known as gerber files, which are essentially the electronic artwork files, that display each of the circuit within the PCB, where the circuit is placed, and every single layer associated with the board. The gerber files also contain information about drill files, which shows exactly where the holes have to be drilled on the board for making the connections. 

The designers use these files for communicating with PCB manufacturers the exact type of boards that need to be built. It also includes another item which is critical for PCB fabricator and it is known as the fabrication print. The fabrication point provides the details of all the requirements associated with the boards, which are not within the gerber files. The PCB fabrication print, for instance, will provide details about the materials that need to be used for building the board, the size of the drilled holes, any special instructions for manufacturing or related specifications that need to be fulfilled, and the miscellaneous information such as the nomenclature or the color solder mask that is used.

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