Some of the best cloud programme services to store files

Some of the best cloud programme services to store files

We went from floppy disks to CDs, to DVDs, USB sticks and then to external hard drive update. Before, with 5 GB, we already carried our most important documents and still had space. As time went by, high-speed drives and devices to transport huge files at once arrived. Now, more and more we join the wave of cloud programme, with the right to instant backup of information and various facilities that make our lives faster and more connected.

Keeping the importance in mind, we share with you eight of the best cloud programme, so that you compare and choose the best solution according to your needs and budget. Let us look at the advantages of each Desktop as a Service to try to find out which one has the most to offer.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is still relatively new to the online backup business, but the company has a quality service. The Amazon Cloud Drive free plan no longer exists, except as Trial version software. However, you get unlimited storage in Amazon’s initial Programm. Unfortunately, this service is only available for storing images. The annual payment is already very attractive for those who need space.

The box

The Box is one of the most reliable services in the world, with a well-balanced option in terms of space and cloud security. The downside is the incompatibility with the Linux system, besides having the menus in English only. In the free version, you save individual files up to 250 MB in size, but you have 10 GB for that.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a pre-installed programme. It comes on almost all Androids and Chrome books, making it an easy option. The Google Drive has considerable storage space, automatically synchronizes photos, and has fast functions to share files and a tool for editing documents (text, spreadsheets and presentations) complete and intuitive as well. Those who are disadvantaged are Windows Phone and Linux users. Cloud security from Google is very good and the cost-effectiveness of paid plans is quite considerable.


Apple’s service is exclusive for users of Apple / MAC products — via the web, via the PC, you can only view it what is stored in the cloud. However, iPhone mobile and iPad fans can fully benefit from it. You can upload almost anything, images, videos, text files, etc. Whether contacts, agenda, calendar, photographs or any other documents, everything is properly secure on the Apple servers. However, you can find its competitors in the market, offering much better features and plans for Home Office.


Google’s Dropbox is famous among the entire cloud service providers. It also has the most robust service, in terms of customer support, backup, plans, prices, flexibility, and storage. You can get the free plan but you will get a tiny storage space. However, you can expand the storage space. You get free storage space if you invite your friends in Dropbox. Dropbox makes each feature beneficial to teamwork. Cloud allows you to access essential business systems from any computer with internet Access.


The Microsoft one-drive programme is one of the products most complete and rewarding for those seeking a free solution. You get a good amount of free storage to store documents. You have the option to synchronize photos. Your Business can only gain, as your employees will be more productive and your company more organized. It even comes in Windows Cloud 10 with its folder so you can save documents much more easily. The only downside is the incompatibility with the Linux system. If you are considering implementing the Microsoft Office 365 Business suite, you can get the paid plans.

A Drive

The A Drive cloud programme has come to prominence in recent years. It offers high storage space at no cost. However, it now only allows subscription plans. With A drive, you can transfer files via FTP, use a desktop App and the online collaboration feature, in addition to recovering old versions of files saved via history. Do not be scared by the lack of gratuity. The number of options in paid plans is also interesting.

Spider Oak

At last, we are going to close the list with Spider Oak cloud software. It is not so a known brand, but it stands out due to its level of services, such as security, storage, plans and packages, privacy, etc. Spider Oak ensures that none of your files is accessed in any way by third party Download. It eliminated the free plan and established few and not very advantageous paid plan options.