How Come There So Couple of Female Studio Recording Engineers?

How Come There So Couple of Female Studio Recording Engineers?

Like a female studio recording engineer along with a electronic music maker, I’m frequently requested why you will find so couple of women working in the area of studio engineering. This is often both intriguing and tedious because it is an issue that demands to become explored but it’s also sometimes a little too much responsibility to become expected so that you can answer for that gross under representation of my gender behind the glass.

I’ve investigated this problem for my very own curiosity also to be much better outfitted when answering with other enquiring minds. I’m somewhat surprised at the data. Latest research I’ve discovered estimates that ladies take into account only five percent of studio recording engineers. Why must this be?

I will tell you it is now not brain surgery. Sure mastering music needs a very firm grasp of acoustics and frequencies and highly tuned ear. However a regular studio recording engineer? Well, to be honest I’ve seen many mediocre professional seem engineers who’re male. The majority of the job role requires sticking a microphone before a musical instrument or person. Connecting that signal to some recorder, most frequently a pc. And pressing record. Evidently this is crudely put, but because I described to some BBC radio presenter eventually within an interview if you’re able to work a microwave or perhaps a cell phone you are able to most likely get the mind round most studio room equipment and signal chains. If you wish to.

Which is the greater important part of the issue here. Many jobs that demand skill and understanding are occupied by women. OK, possibly not technology or science however a studio room doesn’t have to become this type of complicated system to get used to. There’s a logic involved along with a systematic approach that when learned and practiced does apply with relative ease. And seem engineering isn’t just a science anyway – it’s also a skill. Along with a communication skills job. Why, I’d go as far to state that given women’s conditioning, we’re well outfitted to become good listeners, midwives for that artist or client’s wishes and that i frequently find myself acting inside a nurturing manner to assist clients achieve their finest performance (especially vocalists to whom the studio atmosphere is totally new and possibly a little uncomfortable).

Within the live seem industry there are other women apparently. Which is an infinitely more physical job with significantly less social hrs including tours that may last for days and several weeks at any given time. Your studio atmosphere, the task could be sedentary and definitely not challenging. So that as an independent you are able to exercise control button over your working hrs. So, inconvenient working hrs and physical strength isn’t the issue here. Even use of training isn’t necessary – I understand of lots of female music producers and studio engineers who’ve no qualifications in this subject, but have recently learned how to get it done simply because they desired to.