Which is the Best Online Share Trading App for 2022? 

Which is the Best Online Share Trading App for 2022? 

Trading in the Stock market is an excellent way to gain your current savings. Online share trading apps provide a clear route to achieving this goal. To understand the importance of an Online share trading app, we need to look for multiple factors. First, you must know about making money in the Stock market.


Let’s start with the basics—two primary ways of making money from Shares. The first is through the rise in the value of our purchased shares called Capital appreciation, and the other is through Dividends.

A Dividend is a bit like interest on your savings. Suppose a company makes a profit and is equally divided among its shareholders in a set interval of time. A Dividend payment can be on a monthly or yearly basis. But you must be aware that the price of shares is volatile and can also result in loss. While some companies also decide not to pay  Dividends.

Buy shares through an online share trading app.

It is the year 2022; almost everything through a smartphone is possible. So,  all you need to have is a smartphone and an  Internet connection to do trading/investing.  A trading app provides a simple way to buy shares from the listed companies in the Indian Stock Market.

First, you need to open a Demat and  Trading account. After you open such accounts through a Trading app, you need to add funds to buy shares. You can choose any quantity of shares as per your wish. Be careful when placing a buying order for shares, as the prices keep changing at the time of buying, so check the prices carefully.

What are the charges of an online Trading app?

There is a charge to pay for every service. There are various charges which are different for each online share trading app.

  1. Maintenance charges: Every trading app charges a certain amount over time to maintain your  Trading account and Demat account.
  2. Transaction charges: Every Stock exchange charges a fee from investors and traders to buy and sell shares.
  3. Opening charges: You have to pay opening account charges for a Demat and  Trading account around Rs. 250/- or even free at some stockbroker firms.

To choose an online broker, you can consider Kotak Securities. They have an app called Kotak Stock trading (KST) app. This online share trading app has three qualities that make it better than other stock trading apps: Simpler, Faster, and Smarter.

There are Multiple Advantages to using the Kotak Stock Trading app:

  1. It provides a  Free  Demat account opening.
  2. You can create a watchlist for your favorite stocks.
  3. A  Biometric log in to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  4. It has the best research and the latest finance-related news.
  5. Multiple options for stock analysis.
  6. Easy transfer of funds and Securities.


In the year 2022, the  Stock market in India will be a great way to utilize your earnings and make profits. Apps like the Kotak Stock Trading  app by Kotak Securities have the power to make the whole process of investing/trading and managing your financial portfolio hassle-free. This online share trading app has multiple features and is built with State-of-the-art technology, making everyday investments and trades exciting and profitable.