Matt Davies Stockton Provides You with Tips to Help Choose the Right PPC Agency

Matt Davies Stockton Provides You with Tips to Help Choose the Right PPC Agency


According to Matt Davies Stockton, just half a decade ago, PPC advertisers spent around 10 billion dollars worldwide. Now, the figure has grown twice, up to 20 billion dollars. PPC is a smart way of realizing quick results. However, that happens when you have the right agency. Let’s figure out how you can choose one for your business. 

Tips & Tricks


  1. Local search -With the smartphone becoming an indispensable part of everyone’s daily life, more than 80 percent of smartphone users turn to search engines to find businesses close to them. They use phrases like “near me” to find places for shopping, eating lunch, finding new entertainment, and more. More than 70 percent of those searches lead to an in-store visit. Your business can’t afford to ignore local searches. 

That’s why you should choose an agency that knows everything about both organic and paid local search. You can figure this out by asking about local paid search objectives, local PPC results the agency has produced for businesses similar to yours, and by asking about their approach to reaching the local community. 

  1. Mobile optimization – Mobile devices account for more than 50 percent of clicks on search ads. That’s why most reputed marketing agencies don’t focus on writing copy and designing creatives for desktops anymore. PPC ads need to be accessible on all devices and all sizes. They have to be optimized for mobile. 

However, this isn’t easy to pull off since things need to be updated with changing social and search algorithms. That’s why you need to choose a PPC agency that has expertise in managing this transition. You can narrow down your search by talking to companies that advertise this feature on their website. Ask those agencies about mobile-specific results for their other clients, mobile-optimized copy or display ads, or suggestions for your existing campaign.  

  1. Right PPC channels – If you’re interested in shopping, search, programmatic, social, or multi-channel PPC campaigns, you need to find the right PPC agency that specializes in those platforms. The marketing channels you need depend on your end goal. There’s no right or wrong choice here. It’s all about relevance. Some agencies may design and manage paid social media campaigns while others may only manage search campaigns. 

No two PPC agencies or campaigns are alike. That’s why you need to figure out your needs. Figure out if you prefer an entirely hands-off approach, a collaborative project with the agency, or just need help in designing ad copies. Find out what you need from a PPC agency and that will help you figure out to choose one that specializes in the necessary PPC channels. That’s why it’s necessary to share your goals and expectations at the first meeting.  


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the tips mentioned above to choose the right PPC agency. The PPC agency should have knowledge about local search, have strong mobile optimization capabilities, and should be able to focus on the right PPC channels to deliver the desired outcome.